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About Us
This is the name Rabindranath Tagore endearingly gave to this wife Mrinalini Devi. Unfortunately santiniketan today has little that is reminiscent of this lady in Tagores life. This property was dedicated on her memory. Our Chhuti remembers her. To come to Chhuti is to enter a poem a poem slowly unfolding in sprit of the place and the nuances of its sylvan surroundings. Chhuti reception cottage. A genuine touch of cordiality assures you of the great time ahead at Chhuti. Here you sign yourself into the heaven of peace and beauty you always wanted as yours. As you get here the beautiful key to your room you would look twice at it. Tagores unmistakable handwriting on it. The name of your cottage calligraphic : "Sfulingo" , "Purabi", "Kheya", "Smaran", "Khanika", "Shesher Kabita". Your unforgettable journey begins and aesthetic sojourn into Tagoriana meandering pathways through a lush green garden take you leisurely to your cottage . Your unhurried eyes absorb the unearthly beauty of the Resort. Each cottage celebrates one of Tagores poem, except the last. Its named "Shesher Kabita". Chhuti and Santiniketan are one in spirit . The Resort breathes of the spiritual bondage.