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Not a Business Proposal
The purpose of these web pages is to provide information about our company, our products and our services. They do not constitute a proposal in the legal sense. We reserve the right to modify these web pages without prior notice.
Guarantee and Liability, Viruses
Although we strive to compile these web pages carefully and to provide relevant and current information, errors may sometimes occur. chhutiresort.co.in therefore accepts no liability for material defects and defects of title regarding information, software and documents, in particular for their correctness, currency, accuracy, freedom from third party trademark rights and copyright, completeness and/or usability. In addition, chhutiresort.co.in excludes all liability for direct and indirect damage or loss. This exclusion of liability also applies to information, software and documents on third party web pages connected to these web pages via links. We are not responsible for the content of such web pages, neither do we approve, support or confirm third-party web pages. Although we endeavor to keep these web pages free from viruses, chhutiresort.co.in does not guarantee that they are free of viruses. Exclusion of liability is applied according to this numbered point. In the interests of their own security, users are advised to ensure that they employ appropriate security measures and virus scanners.
Use of These Web Pages
The content and structure of these web pages are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. In particular, the source code as well as texts, pictures, graphics from these web pages may not be reproduced (completely or partially), transmitted (electronically or by other means), modified, linked, or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes. The removal of copyright notices and other legally protected nomenclature is prohibited.
Brands and Logos
The brands and logos used on these web pages are protected. It is not permitted to use these brands and logos without the prior written approval of chhutiresort.co.in.
Data Protection
Protection of personal data is of great importance to us. We comply with the applicable legislative provisions regarding data protection. Most of the information available on these web pages can be visited anonymously. In addition, we do not record any personal data via these web pages (e.g., names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses), unless you make this data available to us of your own accord (e.g., by registration or enquiries), or have consented to do so, or the corresponding legislative provisions allow this. We process this type of data in particular for the purpose of proposals, performance of contracts and advertising, and do not divulge it to third parties outside chhutiresort.co.in. We use and pass on this type of data within the Group both at home and abroad for the specified purposes. These web pages may contain links to third party web pages, to which this data protection declaration does not extend and for which chhutiresort.co.in accepts no liability. (The second numbered point applies here.)
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